Tips for Pouring Exposed Aggregate Concrete


Exposed aggregate is an old technique that has made a comeback in the recent years.It is non-expensive, non skid and looks very attractive.Exposed aggregate concrete is best for your concrete driveway or yard. It has a different texture that is not only durable but also best for home renovation.

Aggregate is a name given to crushed rocks that together with cement form the aggregate concrete. There are also smaller particles called sand. These particles come in different shapes and sizes to fill up spaces between the concrete of different shapes and sizes. There are some smooth rocks used for barefoot traffic in the area surrounding a swimming pool. Crushed glass is also a very common material. Here are a few tips on pouring exposed aggregate concrete:

Pouring the Gravel

The first step involves pouring the gravel. To prepare the foundation of your exposed aggregate concrete, first you’d need to pour the gravel as the base layer that is at least 6 inches thick. That would be the base of your exposed aggregate concrete. Now you’d need a shovel or a rake to spread the gravel forming an even surface clearing out all the irregularities. See more:

Smoothening the surface

Now start pouring the concrete mix onto the gravel you’ve just spread on the area. Take a shovel or a trowel to smoothen the surface of the concrete mix. Make sure you don’t pour the concrete mix up to the top of your concrete form. There should be half an inch of gap at the minimum between the surface of your concrete form and your concrete mix. This is where the aggregates would come later.

Evenly spreading the gravel

In the last step, you have to put layers of gravel on the wet concrete form. You have to ensure that the smaller stones are smoothly spread on the top of the wet concrete. For this purpose, take a stiff yard brush and spread the gravel, using it, across the surface of your concrete form. Sweep the gravel unidirectionally until all the gravel is spread uniformly on the surface. Now take a wooden plank and put it on top of the gravel and push down the gravel, almost sinking it into the wet cement.  Do not push too hard. Push the gravel lightly. Next, let the concrete dry for at least two hours. After this, drive a lawnmower on the dry surface of your the concrete. This would fix the aggregate firmly in your brand new exposed aggregate concrete driveway or veranda.

In the end, you have to remove the fines. These are small sand and cement particles that are binding the concrete together. There are many ways by which you can remove the fines. You can use a water blaster to remove the debris. You can also use a bush hammer or a needle scabbler for this purpose. delivers you the best and the most durable concrete available in the market made in the best concrete plants out there. They have dealt in thousands of projects related to exposed aggregate concrete in Melbourne. They specialize in exposed aggregate concrete. They give you unique and different designs.


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