We all would love to have a concrete driveway but an exposed aggregate driveway looks even more elegant. But what is exactly exposed aggregate concrete?

What is Exposed Aggregate Concrete?

Let’s start at the beginning; we all know what concrete is, so there is no need to explain that. But aggregate? What is that? Aggregate is a diverse, coarse material used in construction. It could be sand, gravel and crushed stones, recycled concrete or such items. It serves as reinforcement to the primary material, such as concrete. As we understand that, so what is exposed aggregate concrete? It is laid concrete that has been mixed with aggregate or the aggregate has been laid on top, and then the surface of the concrete is exposed by removing it and by doing this, exposing the aggregate. This is a common procedure in exposed aggregate driveways.

How do They Expose the Aggregate Concrete?

The key is to not expose more than 1/3 of the aggregate. How do they expose it? That is a great question, there are many ways to expose the aggregate concrete, it could be done by a brushing technique, use of chemicals or by blasting. Lets discuss each one. 1) Brushing, this the simplest and oldest way to expose concrete, it involves spraying down the recently laid concrete with water and rubbing or brushing it with a broom till the aggregate is exposed. 2) Chemicals, uses chemical retardants to slow down the concrete setting process and by doing this allows the contractors an extra day to expose the aggregate. 3) Blasting, uses sand or shot blasting to wear away the set top layer of concrete. They all produce the same result, a beautiful exposed aggregate driveway.

Benefits to Exposing Aggregate Concrete

The best benefit is how it will look; it will be so elegant and polished. You will be sure to receive many comments about your amazing exposed aggregate driveway. Also, it will have a non-skid surface, so when it is wet nobody will be slipping and falling. The exposed aggregate makes it extra durable and long lasting, it is basically zero maintenance. Also, it is ideal for heavy traffic, as it will not wear out fast.One good material for repair your exposed aggregate concrete driveway can be found at

What is Polished Concrete?

Polished concrete is the flooring of the future; it is already extremely popular with homeowners and high-traffic areas, such as airports, supermarkets, shopping malls, etc. It is almost no maintenance as it does not require waxing, etc., but has a high lustre appearance. It takes on the look of polished stone. How is polished concrete made?

Once the concrete is laid and set, a professional contractor brings in their expensive equipment of a heavy-duty polisher, equipped with diamond-impregnated disks that grind away the surface, until the desired degree of shine and smoothness is reached. Polished concrete is more costly than exposed aggregate concrete, but it has a more glamorous effect.

If you are planning to make an exposed aggregate driveway or the interior of your house with polished cement, it would be wise to pay a contractor to do this specialized job. See more:



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