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Polished Concrete Information and Options

 Dealing with polished concrete floors is something that most people might not be well clued about. The reasons for this vary from the fact that the polished floors require a lot of technical knowledge to the fact that many people prefer to think of the whole process of polishing the floors as a process that is not suited to the everyday person. However, it is important for any home owner who is using the polished concrete floors to know how the polished floor is achieved when all is said and done.

Look for a shining spectacle

First of all, it is very important to know that concrete can actually be polished to a rather highly shining spectacle for a nice looking floor which will not need waxing or coating for that matter. One can decide to simply grind the new floors or simply deal with the old floors to achieve a rather high gloss finish. At the end of the day, the polished concrete will look something like some kind of polished stone, no wonder it is used as a decorative means in many places.

Use sanding pads and some grinder

A polished concrete floor is achieved using sanding pads and some grinder which are used until such a time when the surface is smooth, glossy and attractive. There are several places that find this kind of polished concrete flooring quite useful for instance certain show rooms and retail shops as well as homes, restaurants and other such places. Contrary to what most people think, the polished concrete floors are not as slippery as compared to other surfaces like polished marble or linoleum.

Concrete Polishing is Ultimate in Industrial Flooring

Have you ever seen concrete floor in industries shining like a gloss. Thanks to the popularity and recent advancement in floor polishing industry giving dazzling and shimmering look to your concrete floor. For all your industrial polishing and commercial flooring needs, Concrete Polishing is the Ultimate and best option.

The many benefits Concrete Polishing do to the industrial flooring are:

  • Low maintenance cost
  • High durability
  • Enhanced aesthetic beauty without using topical coating

Your one choice can make a difference in the way your flooring looks. More and More people are learning about concrete floor polishing. Go for non-peeling, low-maintenance, slip-resistance and beautiful flooring solution.

In general, most floors can actually be polished but just in case the surface is somewhat new, it is recommended that you leave it for a minimum of 4 or 5 weeks before you can actually think of polishing it. A concrete floor that is already in place might need some thorough cleaning to prepare it for the concrete polishing. It is important however, to consult a professional about what is best for their floor before you decide to polish the floor of your home or office for the best polished concrete.

In such a case, the surface will require that it be solidified and densified which will call for a professional to use some penetrating hardeners onto the concrete. In a typical scenario of polished concrete, it happens after just the first stage of the process of grinding. Visit this site for more information : www.designerpremix.com.au

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4 Useful Tips for Pressure Washing the Concrete Driveway


Maintaining your concrete driveway is something that is very crucial to you.  Do you know why it is important? It is simply because it enables you to maintain the appearance and structure of the concrete driveway.  The only best way to do this is by ensuring that it is regularly cleaned and it should be cleaned using the pressure washer. The reason why the driveway should be cleaned always is because it gets dirty at all times because it is constantly in use hence easy to accumulate dirt. The occasional wash should be made using a detergent so that it can be easy to remove all the dirt. Some of these four tips for pressure washing the concrete driveway are.

  • Prepare the area

Preparing the area is very necessary and it should be done in advance before proper cleaning starts.  How do you prepare the area? You can prepare the area using a stiff bristled brush. This brush helps remove loose dust, dirt and any debris. Another thing that you need to know about the driveways is that they should be clear with planters, vehicles and also bins removed. Use a sheet of plastic or tarp to protect the nearby doors and windows.

  • Apply the degreaser

Applying the degreaser is very important because it helps prevent the build up of dirt or stain and it is very easy for you to remove them.  They can only be removed with the use of the pressure washer.  The stiff bristled brush is what makes it easy for the pressure washer to wash properly. What next?

  • Prepare the pressure washer

Do not just use the pressure washer without first of all giving reading the user manual to know how it functions. These basics are what will enable you to know how the pressure washer is used and then from here you can prepare to use. Some of these preparations include attaching the nozzles including the spray wand and also ensuring that there is plenty of water and from a reliable source. Good pressure washers are those that have multiple nozzles so that in case one fails it can be easy for you to use the other one. Exposed aggregate concrete driveways are very common nowadays because they are easy to wash as compared to other driveways.

  • Washing the driveway

Do you know how you can wash your driveway easily? You can do this by applying enough detergent to the concrete driveway or any other driveway that you want to clean. Some of the things that are beneficial in this case are safety gloves and also old clothing. These equipments protect you from splashes that may come from the pressure washer when you are washing. When working ensures that you are about 10 to 14 inches far so that you can avoid splashing water or dirt to yourself. A detergent is very necessary in this case because it is the one that helps to remove all the dirt. Polished concrete is also easy to clean when using the pressure washer. Know why : http://www.designerpremix.com.au/

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We all would love to have a concrete driveway but an exposed aggregate driveway looks even more elegant. But what is exactly exposed aggregate concrete?

What is Exposed Aggregate Concrete?

Let’s start at the beginning; we all know what concrete is, so there is no need to explain that. But aggregate? What is that? Aggregate is a diverse, coarse material used in construction. It could be sand, gravel and crushed stones, recycled concrete or such items. It serves as reinforcement to the primary material, such as concrete. As we understand that, so what is exposed aggregate concrete? It is laid concrete that has been mixed with aggregate or the aggregate has been laid on top, and then the surface of the concrete is exposed by removing it and by doing this, exposing the aggregate. This is a common procedure in exposed aggregate driveways.

How do They Expose the Aggregate Concrete?

The key is to not expose more than 1/3 of the aggregate. How do they expose it? That is a great question, there are many ways to expose the aggregate concrete, it could be done by a brushing technique, use of chemicals or by blasting. Lets discuss each one. 1) Brushing, this the simplest and oldest way to expose concrete, it involves spraying down the recently laid concrete with water and rubbing or brushing it with a broom till the aggregate is exposed. 2) Chemicals, uses chemical retardants to slow down the concrete setting process and by doing this allows the contractors an extra day to expose the aggregate. 3) Blasting, uses sand or shot blasting to wear away the set top layer of concrete. They all produce the same result, a beautiful exposed aggregate driveway.

Benefits to Exposing Aggregate Concrete

The best benefit is how it will look; it will be so elegant and polished. You will be sure to receive many comments about your amazing exposed aggregate driveway. Also, it will have a non-skid surface, so when it is wet nobody will be slipping and falling. The exposed aggregate makes it extra durable and long lasting, it is basically zero maintenance. Also, it is ideal for heavy traffic, as it will not wear out fast.One good material for repair your exposed aggregate concrete driveway can be found at www.desnerpremix.com.au.

What is Polished Concrete?

Polished concrete is the flooring of the future; it is already extremely popular with homeowners and high-traffic areas, such as airports, supermarkets, shopping malls, etc. It is almost no maintenance as it does not require waxing, etc., but has a high lustre appearance. It takes on the look of polished stone. How is polished concrete made?

Once the concrete is laid and set, a professional contractor brings in their expensive equipment of a heavy-duty polisher, equipped with diamond-impregnated disks that grind away the surface, until the desired degree of shine and smoothness is reached. Polished concrete is more costly than exposed aggregate concrete, but it has a more glamorous effect.

If you are planning to make an exposed aggregate driveway or the interior of your house with polished cement, it would be wise to pay a contractor to do this specialized job. See more: http://www.designerpremix.com.au/enviromentally-friendly-alternative


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Tips for Pouring Exposed Aggregate Concrete


Exposed aggregate is an old technique that has made a comeback in the recent years.It is non-expensive, non skid and looks very attractive.Exposed aggregate concrete is best for your concrete driveway or yard. It has a different texture that is not only durable but also best for home renovation.

Aggregate is a name given to crushed rocks that together with cement form the aggregate concrete. There are also smaller particles called sand. These particles come in different shapes and sizes to fill up spaces between the concrete of different shapes and sizes. There are some smooth rocks used for barefoot traffic in the area surrounding a swimming pool. Crushed glass is also a very common material. Here are a few tips on pouring exposed aggregate concrete:

Pouring the Gravel

The first step involves pouring the gravel. To prepare the foundation of your exposed aggregate concrete, first you’d need to pour the gravel as the base layer that is at least 6 inches thick. That would be the base of your exposed aggregate concrete. Now you’d need a shovel or a rake to spread the gravel forming an even surface clearing out all the irregularities. See more: http://www.designerpremix.com.au/why-choose-designer-premix

Smoothening the surface

Now start pouring the concrete mix onto the gravel you’ve just spread on the area. Take a shovel or a trowel to smoothen the surface of the concrete mix. Make sure you don’t pour the concrete mix up to the top of your concrete form. There should be half an inch of gap at the minimum between the surface of your concrete form and your concrete mix. This is where the aggregates would come later.

Evenly spreading the gravel

In the last step, you have to put layers of gravel on the wet concrete form. You have to ensure that the smaller stones are smoothly spread on the top of the wet concrete. For this purpose, take a stiff yard brush and spread the gravel, using it, across the surface of your concrete form. Sweep the gravel unidirectionally until all the gravel is spread uniformly on the surface. Now take a wooden plank and put it on top of the gravel and push down the gravel, almost sinking it into the wet cement.  Do not push too hard. Push the gravel lightly. Next, let the concrete dry for at least two hours. After this, drive a lawnmower on the dry surface of your the concrete. This would fix the aggregate firmly in your brand new exposed aggregate concrete driveway or veranda.

In the end, you have to remove the fines. These are small sand and cement particles that are binding the concrete together. There are many ways by which you can remove the fines. You can use a water blaster to remove the debris. You can also use a bush hammer or a needle scabbler for this purpose.

designerpremix.com.au delivers you the best and the most durable concrete available in the market made in the best concrete plants out there. They have dealt in thousands of projects related to exposed aggregate concrete in Melbourne. They specialize in exposed aggregate concrete. They give you unique and different designs.

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Personalization – The new statement for polished concrete

polished concrete

As you know the world is now become a global village and the ways of marketing take a new change. Now it is not enough to describe the thing you are offering but you should also have to elaborate it by telling its stunning qualities. Polished Concrete can give you the smooth and elegant surface to move on. It also gives a fancy and stylish look to your place.Read this Article now!

People prefer to visit the restaurants and hotels which look shiny and attractive. For making it possible business owners invest money on Polish concrete that gives a look to their shopping malls, hotels, cafes. Now it becomes a need of elite class to apply good quality material while constructing the door ways or entry ways.

Some of the key points that people must follow to increase the life of their diamond polished concrete surface areas.

No doubt it is the resilient material but care can make it more reliable. DO not rub the metal blades material over it as it can give scratches or cuts to concrete surface. Sticky material can also harm this surface so try to avoid it.

Wash it gently. Do not allow to remain oily thing over it as it can leave the shadow or mark over the surface that looks bad. There is a need of care for this material so that it looks good and stunning.

Cleanliness is the most important factor. It depends on you how much you care for it. It also depends on the area if it is busy surface than you should clean it regularly. If it is a side area that is not much in use than you can manage it as you feel better.

In hotels, restaurants, cafes there is a need of washing or cleaning it twice or thrice a day. One thing you must keep in mind that Polish concrete surface is clean up by good material liquids that the contractor recommend you. Do not use regular surf or sop over it.

In order to make the door ways, parking’s, driveways well-designed, well decorative and stylish and stunning the polish concrete is the best choice for you. Visit the market thoroughly and check all type of material than choose the best for you.

polished concrete

The question arises in minds of many people that how they come to know the best factory or market place for having the concrete. You can search it on internet also. Gather information about different contractors which are well known for this work. Read out the history of these contractors. Before giving them the contract must have a look on their experience. If they did good quality work before than give them a contract for your surface.see it from http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/09/25/100_per_cent_design_review/

For big projects like of hotels, office buildings, hospitals, universities and factories it is necessary to use the good quality material that have long life. Polish concrete can give a charming and beautiful look to your place if you keep it with care.

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